Our goal is to exceed expectations, both with our clients and our employees. So, there’s nothing better than getting a note letting us know we’re doing a good job.


Ken Krahe, Vice President, Director of Operations, MSI General Corporation

“Marriott Construction has been performing Concrete and Masonry work as strong partner with MSI General for many years. The professional staff at Marriott Construction continues to look out for the best interest of the project.  From their Project Managers to the Foreman and Laborers, they embrace a pro-active approach to project execution.  They look ahead to prevent conflicts and participate as a team when discussing design, detailing, process and/or scheduling improvements.

Marriott Construction is a great partner for any construction project.  They communicate and collaborate well with all trades on site.  Their exceptional quality and craftsmanship is the right fit for any project.”



Robert Goehner, VP of Construction Services, Briohn Building Corporation

What service/project did Marriott Construction help you complete?
My relationship with Marriott Construction goes back to the earliest days of their existence. Marriott has performed millions of dollars worth of concrete and masonry construction for me over the years. The projects have ranged from cutting in simple door openings to performing concrete and masonry work on the 488,000sf Regional Distribution Facility that we constructed in Muskego for GE a few years ago.

How did Marriott Construction exceed your expectations for this project?
When I was deliberating over the subcontracting of the concrete and masonry work for the GE project, I called Jim Marriott to discuss the importance of the work to be done and the very aggressive time line that we had for constructing the building. Jim promised me the company’s undivided attention and they were true to his word. The project, despite a very tight delivery date, ran smoothly and we are still getting compliments on the facility six years later. Marriott was on time, on budget, well equipped and had workers with the right attitude, to step up and get the job done. Marriott’s commitment to the work and the quality of the work was impressive then and still is today.

If you were to recommend Marriott Construction to a friend or colleague what would you tell them?
I would tell them that if they wanted quality concrete and masonry construction work performed by very competent workers with attention to detail and a positive attitude, they need look no further than Marriott Construction, Inc.

Do you have any other information you would like to provide?
Just call me if you have any further questions or want to see examples of Marriott’s work!