Our Values

Marriott is a great company with a phenomenal history and talented workforce.  As we position ourselves for growth and continuous improvement, we have recently implemented positive and exciting changes!  One of the changes during our ‘rebranding period’ is the creation of Core Values.  These values represent how we conduct ourselves and our business.  They define who we are as a team; this is how we roll.  Below is each Core Value and how we have defined them.

Leadership:  Check your ego at the door.  Lead by example; everyone is a leader.  Communicate honestly with no hidden agenda to promote self-interest.  Help others achieve excellence within themselves.  Do what is  best for the team; stay focused.  Base your decisions on advancing company goals.  Be an Owner!

Integrity:  ALWAYS do the right thing.  Be forthright, ethical, and honest in relationships and in what we say and do.  Never compromise our integrity or objectivity under any circumstances, even when no one is looking.

Attitude Attitude is everything!  Be POSITIVE!  It is contagious.  Treat others with respect and dignity.  Make an effort to help others feel valued, included, and appreciated for their contributions.  Treat people as we would like to be treated.  Appreciate and accept the diversity of personalities of those with whom we interact, using our differences in positive ways.

Loyalty:  Be a superstar and go the extra mile!  It is the extra mile that separates the average person from the superstar.  Take it upon yourself to improve your own performance.  Be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job.  Take the next step to solve the problem or get the job done, even if it takes doing something that is not in your job description.  Embrace being ‘uncomfortable’ to tackle your challenges.  That is how you grow.

Accountability:  Own it.  Honor your commitments to our customers and to each other.  Be willing to accept responsibility for your actions; when you make a mistake, apologize, and make it right.  Be humble.  People who are never wrong can never improve.  Learn from every mistake.  Be courageous.  Accountability requires acceptance, mindfulness, and courage.