Christian Education Leadership Academy (CELA)

Project Specifics…
CELA is a 107,400 square foot Institutional project located 1/4 mile north of Highway 16 on Ryan Street, Pewaukee, WI.

Marriott’s Role in the CELA Project…
Provided ALL concrete, structural CMU, brick and stone veneer for the project. Quantities for this project are substantial:

  • Concrete: 5400 CY
  • Structural CMU: 60,000 masonry units
  • Brick veneer: 150,000 bricks units
  • Stone veneer: 600 tons stone


Photo Credit: Brian and Nancy Nahey
Co-founders of CELA


Photo Credit: Brian and Nancy Nahey
Co-founders of CELA

Why Marriott…
To bring value to the overall project because, at Marriott Construction, we are capable of providing a great deal of horsepower without sacrificing quality.

Significant Milestones…
Our team at Marriott Construction worked very diligently with the project design team to push the project forward including many design changes. This was accomplished by tracking costs and proactively identifying how the changes would impact the project schedule and customer cost. Our diligence has helped keep the project moving forward to meet scheduled deadlines.

As Proud Partners…
As proud partners in the CELA project we encourage you, if you are in the area, to take time to drive by and see the size and scale of the project. The phenomenal results of this project demonstrate that Marriott Construction drives the project and consistently exceeds expectations.

Construction fun facts:

  • 850 seat chapel, 25,000 square foot indoor athletic facility and picturesque 56 acre site
  • CELA will have over three miles of wood trim which would run the length of nearly 53 football fields
  • If laid out in a single line, the electrical wiring in the building would stretch from Lake Michigan to Madison
  • The building sits on 65,000 tons of stone, equivalent to almost 8700 elephants